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Forex platforms are programs that permit us to work while in the foreign exchange sector, that is certainly, they permit us to obtain information and facts and area differing kinds of orders. The fundamental facts they allow us to obtain is the price of the varied forex crosses and their evolution after a while. Nonetheless they may also present us with other information, including:

Forex current market information

- technical and fundamental Examination and belief
- viewpoints of other buyers
- etc.

Regarding the orders, the simplest order is to purchase or market at market place selling price, but in addition, a forex System can allow us to position other sorts of orders.



- buy and sell at market price
- purchase and sell at a specific rate
- prevent decline
- and many others.

Also, forex platforms commonly let us to complete technical analysis by way of the potential of plotting indicators, drawing figures and adding personal notes. More Highly developed platforms make it possible for us to generate our very own indicators, carry out backtesting and establish automated trading units. There are also forex platforms which provide the likelihood to subscribe to a signal service.

While several forex brokers offer a platform which allows us to trade only with them (proprietary platforms), you can find platforms which are practical for trading with various brokers, like Metatrader.

Concerning the software, some platforms are Net-based, use java or flash, so we only need a browser (for instance Firefox or Web Explorer) to trade by way of them, while other platforms require a software that is independent on the browser.

The previous are frequently proprietary platforms, and have the advantage that they can be utilised from unique computers without the require to put in the platform on Every single of these. The platforms that happen to be mounted inside our functioning system, can be proprietary or not.

The latter usually supply a lot more customization possibilities and increased pace to complete specialized Examination. It may be stated that the platforms that work inside of a browser are frequently suitable for rookie traders, even though a lot more Superior traders often favor the platforms that are mounted to the working system and customarily offer you much more options.

Quite a few brokers offer you a number of variations of their System, as an example one that could be set up over the working system more info which is considered the most handy, just one that may be made use of on other Laptop browsers, and one which can be made use of from a cellphone after we don't have use of a Computer system.

Forex platform Because you will spend hours in front of a platform, and you will depend on it for your trading, the choice of a platform will be of utmost importance to your success or failure in the forex market. You should be comfortable with the platform and get to know it well before you start trading. You can evaluate different platforms before opening an account with a broker, as brokers usually offer demo accounts for you to evaluate their platforms.

You should pay attention to the reliability of the platform. You should also consider if the platform offers everything you demand for forex trading: does it allow backtesting, does it allow custom strategies?

If you do not use these tools, either because you do not have time or because you do not have the knowledge to apply them, this will not be a problem, but if, for example, you want to create an automatic trading system, many platforms will not be useful for this. But not everything is the platform: when choosing a broker, you should not only look at its platform or the platforms it allows you to use, but also at other very important aspects, such as spreads, support, bonuses, reliability, etc.

Here are some platforms and their subjective and personal evaluations.



It is one of the most popular proprietary platforms. It has a long history in the forex market and is very flexible, since it allows you to create or apply, through a programming language similar to C++, strategies, scripts, indicators and customized alerts. It also allows automatic trading according to customized strategies.

Metatrader not only allows trading in forex, but also in the stock, options, futures, etc. markets.

One of the advantages offered by Metatrader is the huge number of brokers that allow trading with this platform.

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